Our Projects

We install high-quality solar PV systems for households, businesses, church-based institutions, and off-grid islands and communities.
Each WeGen solar installation is a testament to the reliability and dependability of solar PV technology.
With every solar PV installed, WeGen guarantees big electricity savings for owners as they cut their reliance on the grid and security that will ensure uninterrupted availability of energy.
At the same time, solar PV owners become partners in the fight against climate change as shifting to solar energy means less use of destructive fossil fuels.

WeGen Solar Solutions

Residential / Homes

Commercial and Industrial

Church and Religious Institutions

Government Infrastructure

Island and Off Grid Communities

Education and Health Facilities

WeGen Projects

Cathedral of Immaculate Concepcion

Urdaneta, 3.42 kwp 14.622143, 121.044077

MAPECON Green Charcoal Phils.

Laguna, 93 kwp 14.0713022, 121.249542

Mindanao Medical Center

General Santos, 317 kwp – ongoing installation 6.1278665, 125.1601313

San Lorenzo Ruiz Seminary

Romblon, 5.9 kwp 12.4124323, 122.0056889

New Nemar Development Corporation

13.9658998, 121.1657281


Paranaque, 56.7 kwp 14.45596981, 121.037117

Mater Dei College

Bohol, 179 kwp 9.95092106, 123.97612762

Immaculate Concepcion

Batanes, 5.7 kwp 10.2974598, 125.0523573

Hatchicks Corporation

Magalang, Pampanga,
355.68 kwp

Mary Johnston Hospital

Tondo, Metro Manila,
389.12 kwp

Mary Hill School of Theology

E. Rodriquez, Quezon City

Sorsogon Medical Mission Group

Sorsogon City,
160.72 kwp

WeGen Project One Pagers

Solar, not Coal -Fired Energy, for a clean Antique

Franciscan House
WeGen Laudato Si’ Solar Projects Cited by the Vatican 
Mater Dei College
Going Solar Makes Good Sense for Households
Santol Municipal Town Hall
WeGen Powers the Queen of Peace Convent in Quezon City

Sam’s Trading

San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod: Built by Patriots. Now Powered by the Sun.

Revisiting Sanacor 2:A Mindanao Agriculture Company Running on Solar

St. Paul Surigao goes solar with WeGen

Bluefields Hypermart and Taytay Sa Kauswagan, Inc. (TSKI)

Installed Solar PV System

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