Residential or commercial Solutions

A strong advocate for clean, safe and sustainable energy, WeGen provides clients with top-of-the-line solar PV panels, effective battery storage, and intelligent storage solutions for businesses, homes, schools, churches, and hospitals.

WeGen’s solar PV panels have a 25-year warranty and ensures up to 50% savings on electricity bills. With battery storage, the solar PV systems can provide reliable electricity during emergencies.

Stand-alone Island Solutions

WeGen’s solar PV systems are the best alternative to diesel and fossil fuels. Our stand-alone island solutions can prove how renewable energy combined with innovative technology can spur sustainable socio-economic development in marginalized communities. These solutions are ideal for eco-resorts and off-grid islands where they can help promote tourism, encourage economic activity, and improve the services of businesses and the quality of life of residents.

Distributed Power Plants Solutions

Through the aggregation and supply of energy from multiple utility-scale batteries, WeGen’s Distributed Power Plant Solutions can act as reserve capacity for entire communities as well as provide guaranteed power during peak load hours.